Important update: OpenBook calculations have been revised


eToro OpenBook has become a huge success, with truly amazing demand and continuous growth.

We have just rolled out updated calculations of two major parts behind the engine of OpenBook.

If you are already using OpenBook, you should read below and make sure you understand these changes.




CopyTrader ratio

One of the key points of strength of OpenBook, and its award-winning CopyTrader feature is the unique ability to automatically copy the entire trading activity of top performing traders, using the same proportional amount of money.


During the last couple of months we witnessed amazing development of the OpenBook ecosystem, as more and more traders started copying other people who were also copying others. It raised some issues regarding the way we were calculating in which ratio the copied trades shall be copied.


Today we are announcing that the calculation has been revised.


When a Guru opens a new trade, the ratio will be calculated based on this formula:


“Total available balances” will include the total available funds that the Guru has in his balance AND all the available funds in active CopyTrader balances.

Or in other words: Total available balances = Equity – (unrealized P&L  + Total invested amount in open positions).

Then, the new copied trade will be opened by multiplying the CopyTrader ratio with the current CopyTrader balance.


In addition, if someone copies this copier, the ratio which will be used, will be still calculated in the exact same way!




Here is an example:



John has $3,000 in his balance.

John started copying Michael using $1,000, and out of this amount, he already has $500 invested in open trades copied from Michael.

Therefore, John currently has a total CopyTrader balance of $500, and a Total available balances of $2,500.



Michael has $5,000 in his balance, and he is also copying 5 other traders, using $10,000, but only $5,000 are invested in open trades.

Therefore, Michael has total available balances in a total sum of $10,000.

Michael just opened a new trade, using $1,000.

The CopyTrader ratio will therefore be 10% ($1,000/$10,000).


John will automatically copy this trade, using $50 ($500 * 10%)


Now comes Lisa…

Lisa has $1,000 in her balance, and she is copying John using $200.

She will therefore automatically copy John’s copied trade, using $4.

Copy copier ratio = 2% ($50/$2,500)

Copier’s trade amount = $4 ($200*2%)




Net Profit

In order to display sharper, clearer, intuitive performance data, we have transformed ALL the stats to be based on Net Profit.



The new calculated net profit, affect the followings:

  • Gain presented in the trading feed
  • Profit and Gain, presented in “Open Trades”
  • Profit and Gain, presented in “History”
  • Winning Ratio, presented in user profiles, and rankings are now based on net profit in determining a “winning” trade.
We are currently working hard on an incredibly important feature that you will find
Stay tuned…