OpenBook has a new (beautiful…) design and some new (cool) features!

If you have already visited the OpenBook lately, you should have noticed that we were very busy working and releasing new features during the last couple of weeks.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, here is a quick summary of the top 3 features we’ve just released:

1.Major upgrade of the Graphic User Interface –  The OpenBook now looks better than ever!

2. New Stats & Rankings – We have re-designed the User’s Statistics and Rankings pages.
Both pages are now extremely clear and easy to understand, and they look great!

3. Automatic email notifications – Some of you already asked for it using the feedback widget. We listened, and we are happy to announce that we’ve started to roll out email notifications. You’ll receive an email when you get a new comment from other users. Very soon, we will add additional notifications.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, very (very!) soon…