Post-Brexit statement from our CEO

Hi everyone,

Wow, it actually happened. The British people have voted and there is no going back, Britain will leave the EU.



In preparation for such a huge event we considered it vital that our clients exposure to risk was reduced and that led us to changing some of the leverage options that we offer at eToro. After a Brexhausting past 72 hours we’re pleased to report that our global operations have run smoothly and we have now increased leverage on the GBP and EUR currencies back to normal levels.

It’s also been an extremely exciting time for our trading community with record levels of new daily customers in the past 72 hours, the majority of them taking an immediate investment in another trader, with copy AUM seeing great gains thus proving the power of social trading. Overall the network posted gains in what has been one of the most unpredictable weeks in our history!

So well done, keep calm and trade on!

Yoni Assia