Reduced spreads on UK100 and FRA40

Stock indices are unique instruments in that they allow you to invest in whole sectors of industry, or even an entire national stock exchange instead of buying up individual stocks.

It’s no wonder that news outlets and analysts often quote stock index prices to reflect the state of the economy and to determine whether the market is experiencing growth, recovery or retraction.

Warren Buffet has even said that he would instruct his heirs to invest 90% of his vast fortune in index funds rather than stocks.


So now on to the good news!

The good news is that it is now more affordable than ever for you to invest in two of the stock indices that we offer, namely the FTSE100 (UK100) and the CAC40 (FRA40).

FRA40 UK100

Today, with the start of the trading week, we have lowered the spreads on both these indices from 300 pips to just 100 pips.

Representing the top 100 stocks on the London Stock Exchange and the top 40 stocks on the Paris Bourse respectively, these two instruments give you unique opportunities to invest in the growth of the British and French economies.

Remember that indices at eToro are traded as CFDs, therefore you can go long or short on both these instruments, and use leverage of X2 to x100.

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