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Discover People connects you to the traders who make it all happen!

It can really pay to copy the right Popular Investors, but with millions of social traders to choose from, finding the right copy trades can be a challenge. Fortunately the New eToro trading platform gives you immediate access to the most effective, promising and interesting social traders and Popular Investors using the powerful Discover People tool.

Meet the best known traders and the new contenders

The Discover People search function brings eToro’s Top Investors straight to your screen and allows you to filter results by locations, markets, gains and time scales. The Advanced Search offers another 18 search criteria – meaning you can narrow the search down to exactly the kind of traders who you want to copy.

One of the up and coming traders who was featured as a Top Investor on the People Discover page is @Dospinic from Germany. Dospinic isn’t a Popular Investor yet, but with 112 copiers, a risk level of 2 and some very persuasive Stats, we don’t think it will be long before he is!

Dospinic is one of the minority of traders who managed to achieve positive figures during the difficult and volatile month of January 2016 and he specialises mainly in precious metals, but also copies Simple-Stock-Mkt’s trades and has invested on high tech shares.

Why look for new people to copy?

Most successful traders recommend that we diversify our copy trades in exactly the same way that we diversify the assets in our personal portfolios. The basic principle is to reduce risks by spreading funds across a range of investments and balancing any potential losses in one area with profits in another. It’s important to copy a range of Popular Investors with different risk levels who specialise in different asset classes.

eToro’s social traders come from over 140 different countries across the world. Connecting with them is a great way to tap into specialist knowledge and discover new strategies and assets that most people would never normally think of trading. It’s worth taking the time to really explore the People Discovery tool and see who are the rising stars of the social trading platform – and how they are investing their funds.

Use our Discover People tool to find more Popular Investors. 

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