The New OpenBook Market Pages Have Arrived

We are happy to introduce the new and imrpoved OpenBook Markets section!
This is the place to discover, discuss and invest in all markets available to you at eToro, from currencies and commodities, to stocks and indices.

Markets and People are the core of the OpenBook social investment network, therefore we aimed to create a unified interface for both people and market profile pages. The new Markets section has been completely redesigned and now supports a better user experience through a new layout – consistent with the People section and easier to use.


This Is Just The Beginning…

The new Markets section was also designed to support amazing new features we plan to introduce later this year. Just to give you a small taste of what’s to come, we’re going to have MANY new markets for you to invest in and new relevant data streams on market pages, such as news and events. Don’t worry, we’ll be updating you as these changes take place, all you have to do is stay tuned!


Meet The New Market Pages

Markets Home: Hitting the “Markets” link on the OpenBook header will take you to a completely new experience, showing featured markets and allowing you to easily navigate throughout the diverse market selection.


Market Categories: Our various market instruments have now been divided into their respective categories (stocks, currencies, commodities and indices), with a separate page for every category. These pages are the place to go if you want to view a snapshot of the prices and trends for the instruments in each category.

Market Page: The new (single) market page, now with a similar layout to the user profile pages, is the place to invest in markets and dive into discussions with fellow community members.


The new market pages are now live, so go ahead, check them out, and like the pages of your favorite markets!


What do you think of the new market pages? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.