You’ve got new mail… Live Notifications have just arrived!

We are very pleased to introduce the OpenBook notifications center!

Some of you may already received some notifications straight to your inbox.


We have started rolling out a first batch of notifications, which are being sent when any of the following events occur:


  • You got your first follower
  • You got your first copier
  • Someone started following you
  • Someone started copying you
  • Someone wrote on your wall
  • Someone left you a comment
Many more events will be added soon…
Notifications are currently sent via email and to your notification center within the OpenBook itself.
Email notifications
All notifications are sent via email.
You can easily turn off (and on again) the email notifications through OpenBook settings page.
OpenBook notifications
Log in to your account, and see if you already have any pending notifications waiting for you to read.
Click on the notification center icon, read the recent notifications you’ve received and click any of them to go straight to the relevant page!
As always, we hope you’ll love this new offering. Try it out now and share with us your feedback.
Stay tuned, as the fun stuff is about to begin. Soon!