Meet the Popular Investors who are beating the Market in 2020

As the coronavirus epidemic rages on, taking its toll on global markets, fears, uncertainties and doubts continue to impact numerous financial instruments. These are sombre times, with thousands impacted around the world, and the end is yet in sight.

During these difficult times, the world continues to spin and financial markets are undergoing massive changes on a daily basis. On eToro, some of our Popular Investors are well-learned and highly adaptive, which is why several of them have been able to navigate these troubled waters and are outperforming the market in 2020.

Beating the Market

Below, you will find several Popular Investors, who are beating the market in 2020, and also been performing consistently well over the past few years:

  • Misterg23 – By using a sophisticated long-short strategy this Italian Popular Investor managed to beat the S&P 500 in 2019 and maintain a profit this year, while keeping the same average risk score.
  • Jaynemesis – Jay is a full-time eToro Popular Investor from the UK, successfully trading on eToro since 2014. Currently, he is focusing on a long-short strategy, to navigate these stormy markets.
  • Overit – Another UK Popular Investor, his strategy is based on market trends. He mainly invests in blue-chip stocks for the long term, while still managing to take advantage of market trends and generate profits.
  • LaurentDevriendt – After finishing in profit for four straight years, Laurent from Australia has been able to maintain a cautious approach throughout the 2020 market crash and stay afloat.
  • OlivierDanvel – With nearly 10K copiers on eToro, Olivier from France is one of the most copied Popular Investors. One of the reasons for his popularity is his low-risk mentality, which enabled him to stay in profit for 38(!) months in a row, including  every month in 2020.

During a bearish trend, traders and investors utilise various strategies, such as shorting the market or turning to safe-haven assets. Naturally, there’s no specific formula for this  — and there’s a lot of know-how involved, as proven by these investors’ track records. Everyone on the above list has been able to remain profitable in 2020.


Name 2020 2019 2018 2017
misterg23 40.13% 48.70% -23.38% 80.02%
Jaynemesis 33.35% 52.32% -58.84% 340.09%
Overit 11.43% 61.83% -14.84% 23.17%
LaurentDevriendt 5.25% 37.15% 5.85% 12.08%
OlivierDanvel 1.46% 8.40% 18.39% 16.00%
S&P500 -28.66% 28.88% -6.24% 19.42%

*Data is accurate as of 22/3/2020

On eToro, you don’t have to be a savvy investor to trade during such troubling times. Using the CopyTrader™ system, you can allocate some of your funds to replicate the actions of another trader, such as the Popular Investors listed above. When you look for a trader to copy, make sure to check out their stats and read their bios, to ensure that their trading style, risk score and strategy match your goals.

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