Think You’re a Great Trader? Get Copied, get paid: It’s that Simple

Are you a good trader or a successful investor? Imagine you could share your wisdom with other traders who lack time and/or experience and get paid while doing so? Well, imagine no more! On eToro, you can join the Popular Investor Program and receive monthly payments just by sharing your portfolio with the eToro community. 

Become a Popular Investor

The Popular Investor program is one of the best ways to benefit from eToro’s social trading features. The program enables traders and investors to become opinion leaders and to earn a second income on eToro. On top of your earnings from trading and your monthly payments, you will also be entitled to unique benefits, which become increasingly significant as you rise through the program’s ranks.

How to Become a Popular Investor

If you wish to join the program, you need to follow a few steps and meet the necessary criteria. However, taking your first steps is quite simple, as detailed below:

  • Get started: The first tier of the Popular Investor program is called Cadet. To qualify for this tier, you need to be active on the platform for at least two months. In addition, you  are required to have certain elements on your profile: a profile picture and a bio outlining your trading strategy. Since we encourage our Popular Investors to trade responsibly, you will also need to keep your maximum risk score under 7 for at least two months (and as soon as you join the program, to keep it below 7 permanently) and abide by our leverage restrictions.
  • Welcome your copiers: Make sure to have a pinned post at the top of your news feed, welcoming new copiers and followers and saying a little about yourself. This is only mandatory from the Champion level, but it would be great if you can do it as soon as you enter the program. 
  • Engage with your audience: Remember, eToro is a social trading platform, so make sure you communicate with the community. Write frequent posts explaining your trading decisions, answer questions posted by your copiers and be active on the social News Feed.
  • Get featured: We value our Popular Investors, enjoy putting them in the spotlight and helping them grow their AUM. As soon as you become a Cadet, you can ask the Popular Investor team to feature you on Editor’s Choice – a great way to reach a larger audience and get more copiers. Naturally, Popular Investors of all tiers can be featured. Reach us at

  • Get paid: Once you advance from the Cadet level and become a Rising Star, you will start receiving monthly payments on top of your earnings from trading. This tier entitles you to $500 a month, and the payments will increase as you climb to new tiers. You will also receive other benefits, such as no withdrawal fees. 
  • Rise through the ranks: When you become a Champion, the monthly payments will increase to $1,000, alongside free withdrawals and a subscription to the top-tier financial publication, The Financial Times
  • Reach the top: Our top Popular Investors belong in the Elite tier. Together with all of the perks given on lower levels, members of the Elite Level receive 2% of their total assets under management (AUM) annually and a dedicated Platinum Account Manager. Once you reach this level, your monthly payments are only limited by your ability to attract new copiers.
  • Extend your reach: Once you establish yourself as a Popular Investor, you can reach more copiers and earn commissions by becoming an eToro Partner. Using our affiliate program, you can set up a website, blog or any other source of traffic and earn a fee whenever someone opens an eToro account through your unique link. 

The Popular Investor program can promote you on a personal level, enable you to establish yourself as an opinion leader and empower you to earn a second income. If you feel that you have what it takes, apply for the program today.

Become a Popular Investor