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  • EU Referendum

    What's happened?

    Since the 2016 vote, negotiations have been taking place between the UK and the other EU countries. Those discussions centred on the divorce deal, which sets out exactly how the UK leaves – not what will happen afterwards. This deal is known as the withdrawal agreement.


    Former PM Theresa May reopened talks with the EU in an attempt to make changes to her Brexit deal. This comes after MPs put forward some suggestions to try and change the direction of Brexit. 

    What's happened?
  • Now what?

    A Boris Brexit

    The EU and UK have agreed a further flexible extension to Brexit until 31 October 2019


    Following the Tory leadership race, the UK’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, now plans to renegotiate the deal agreed by former PM Theresa May.


    What now?

    • A no-deal Brexit could occur. Boris Johnson is determined that Brexit should happen on 31 October irrespective of whether a deal is in place.
    • UK could renegotiate a new Brexit deal with the EU.
    • Cancel Brexit.
    • A general election or referendum.
    • Vote of no confidence vote.
    • Leave the EU on PM Theresa May’s deal.
    A Boris Brexit
  • Trading Brexit

    What does Brexit mean for your trading?

    As Brexit negotiations ensue, we’ll keep you up-to-date on how ongoing uncertainty could affect the financial markets. Learn how the EU Referendum could impact different markets and sectors, which instruments to watch, and how you can take advantage of any potential volatility.

    What does Brexit mean for your trading?

As Brexit ensues, check here for information on how it could affect the markets. Learn how the vote could impact different industries, which instruments to watch, and how to take advantage of Brexit.

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