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  • EU Referendum

    What's happened?

    In June 2016, the UK went to the polls to vote on whether to remain part of the European Union, deciding 52/48 to quit the world’s largest trading bloc. 


    After almost four years of tense negotiations – and three UK Prime Ministers – the two sides settled on a withdrawal agreement that avoided, for the moment at least, a “no-deal” scenario. This scenario would have seen all existing arrangements on goods, services and free movement of people, along with regional cooperation arrangements on security, medicine and many others, immediately halted. 


    Negotiators and politicians now have until December 31 to create, refine and agree a trade deal, or the “no deal” scenario will kick in again. Current PM Boris Johnson has ruled out an extension to the transition period, so the pressure is still on.

    What's happened?
  • Now what?

    Transition trading topics

    Over the next few months, companies from around the globe will be assessing their options in Europe and, without knowing any details of a trade deal with its former partner, how the UK can be factored in or focused on. 


    Equally as importantly, given that the UK’s current international trade deals have been arranged through the EU, global partners will be lining up to negotiate new arrangements. 


    While World Trade Organisation terms would automatically apply in the event of a “no-deal”, they are seen as just a starting point for most trading nations, who seek specific agreements on tariffs, quotas and movement of people.

    Transition trading topics
  • Trading Brexit

    Opportunity knocks...

    In the coming months (and beyond) there are likely to be plenty of rollercoaster moments as share prices rise and fall on Brexit-related news. Some will be confined to single stock movements, while others may shift the whole market. 


    Currencies, too, will feel the impact of news and negotiations, offering opportunities to trade the waves – or seek calmer waters. And don’t forget that cryptoassets were invented as an alternative to a government or central bank-controlled monetary system. 


    Whatever happens, through the eToro platform, you can be ready to take advantage of upswings on stock and currency markets and use our risk management tools to limit the downswings. 

    Opportunity knocks...

Cabinet reshuffle? Budget bonanza? Trade deal trade off? Whatever happens during the post-Brexit negotiations, stay plugged in and up to date with events that could offer opportunities to trade.

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