GoodDollar Admin Assistant


eToro is a proud founding member of the GoodDollar experiment. GoodDollar is a series of tests with the ultimate purpose of reducing wealth inequality through blockchain technology. Our mission is to build a new, global, open-source cryptocurrency to distribute money using the principles of universal basic income (UBI(

GoodDollar, a 100% not-for-profit project, is nurturing an ecosystem – including academics, NGOs, ethical investors, crypto supporters, and anyone who cares about reducing inequality.

The Role

We’re seeking an admin assistant to help facilitate the day-to-day operation of the GoodDollar project. That means handling invoices, purchase orders and contract signatures, keeping track of budget, facilitating HR processes, interfacing with eToro’s departments (Finance, Legal, HR...) and more. The admin assistant will play a role in enabling the happening of the GoodDollar initiative, and work directly under the operations manager to make sure everything runs smoothly.


  • Purchasing new software systems for the operation of GoodDollar
  • Complete handling of payments and invoices
  • Opening POs for payments, acquire all relevant approvals
  • Organizing and filing of all documents & invoices in an ordered manner
  • Bookkeeping of all expenses to allow budget monitoring
  • Writing and maintaining procedures for operational workflows
  • Facilitating the contract issuing workflow
  • Facilitating onboarding of new GoodDollar team members
  • Helping in organizing events
  • Organizing travel arrangements and reimbursements for team members
  • Being a point of contact for administrative issues regarding GoodDollar
  • Working with departments in eToro - Finance, Legal, HR



  • Responsible and dependable
  • Organized and thorough
  • Comfortable in English
  • Has good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Service oriented, fun to approach and work with
  • Interested in knowing more about the project and accepting more responsibilities

Israel office