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eToro offers you a simple way to grow your financial business. Create your own CopyPortfolio, Distribute & promote it for everyone to invest, and Manage it using our full investment management solution.

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Become a strategic partner of eToro, and open yourself globally by launching your own CopyPortfolio on our platform.

Quick & easy setup

Online distribution

Revenue sharing

Diverse payment methods

Suitability & verification

CopyPortfolio Dashboard

Quick & easy setup

Online distribution

Revenue sharing

Diverse payment methods

Suitability & verification

CopyPortfolio Dashboard

Pick an investment strategy, and you're all set

Creating your own CopyPortfolio is as quick & easy as can be. We offer you with tools to test your strategy before going live, such as performance back-testing, according to your CopyPortfolio's components and allocation.

  • Quickly setup your CopyPortfolio

  • View your statistics, and get back-test performance data

  • Pick an actively/passively managed rebalancing strategy

Get investors through the door

Get your CopyPortfolio discovered by our community and beyond. Use your personal link to attract new investors while we promote your CopyPortfolio using our marketing channels.

  • Get discovered by our existing community

  • Get unique links that direct potential clients to your CopyPortfolio

  • Your clients enjoy a quick & hassle-free investing experience, no paperwork needed

Take the driver’s seat

We strive to make professional Investment management as simple as we possibly can. As such, you get full control over your CopyPortfolio with our comprehensive portfolio management solution.

  • Use the CopyPortfolio Dashboard to track your performance

  • Engage and interact with your customers

  • Get important insights about your investors' experience to constantly improve it

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What’s this all about?

Investment managers are now invited to create CopyPortfolios on eToro, distribute them so that others could invest in them, and earn a share of the Assets Under Management that they attract to their CopyPortfolio.

What are CopyPortfolios?

CopyPortfolios are investment vehicles that bundle together a collection of financial assets. The assets are picked and re-picked, given a predetermined strategy.

What would you call your CopyPortfolio?

As it stands, we at eToro manually build the CopyPortfolio together with you, and have you manage it using our investment management tools. You choose the assets that go into the CopyPortfolio’s portfolio, along with the weights, and rebalancing period. In addition, you may automate this process, by writing an algorithm to determine your CopyPortfolio’s strategy.

What’s the difference between Top Trader Portfolios and Market Portfolios?

​A Top Trader CopyPortfolio is based on a trader-only portfolio, where each of the traders that are being copied as part of the portfolio, are selected based on the CopyPortfolio’s strategy. For example, a CopyPortfolio that aims to take only top-performing, long term stock investors, will pick those investors based on performance, with significant stock allocation as part of their portfolio. On the other hand, a Market CopyPortfolio is comprised of financial assets only, and not traders, so its portfolio may consist of stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities, or currencies.

What returns should I aim for when creating a CopyPortfolio with eToro?

By definition, CopyPortfolios are meant to serve as a more conservative investment channel, and therefore aim to offer up to double digit, yearly returns, while mitigating the risk associated with the investment. However, and as with any investment in the capital markets, only invest what you can afford to lose.

How and when is my CopyPortfolio rebalanced?

That’s all up to you to decide. When creating a CopyPortfolio, in addition to picking the actual assets your CopyPortfolio is comprised of and its weights, you also determine the rebalancing strategy (be it manual or automatic), and how frequent it is.

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