Google SEO


  • Create, manage & monitor SEO projects for the company’s products, blog and other sites.
  • 为公司的产品、博客和其他站点创建、管理并监控SEO项目
  • Coordinate work with other PMs within the department and with external resources. Plan, manage, follow up and report.
  • 协调与部门内的其他项目经理以及外部资源的相关工作;做好计划、管理、跟进以及汇报工作。
  • Consistently initiate projects meant to improve the infrastructures of the company’s websites and products
  • 持续发起旨在改善公司网站和产品的基础架构的项目
  • Coordinating content marketing efforts and strategy with relevant focal points in the company
  • 协调公司相关重点业务的内容营销工作和策略
  • Understanding search intent and recommend appropriate content for that search query
  • 了解用户搜索意图并为相关搜索推荐适当的内容
  • Conduct competitor and keyword research on a regular basis
  • 定期调研竞争对手和关键字
  • Working and overseeing external outreach suppliers
  • 协调并管理外部供应商
  • 2+ years of SEO experience (Google, Yahoo and Baidu)– required
  • 具备至少2年的SEO经验 (Google, Yahoo,百度)
  • Independent, proactive & enthusiastic with strong analytical skills – required
  • 积极主动、热情、具备较强的分析能力
  • Onsite as well as offsite and technical SEO experience for the international market – required
  • 具备国际市场的站内以及站外的SEO技术经验
  • Experience working with external outreach & inbound marketing suppliers – required
  • 具备与外部推广以及集客营销供应商的合作经验
  • High level of English– required
  • 具备较高的英语水平
  • Self-managed with a proven ability to plan and lead projects in parallel, internally and externally – required
  • 具备经验证的自我管理能力,可以在内部和外部并行地计划和领导项目
  • Proven knowledge of CMS (specifically WP), Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Majestic and other SEO-related tools – required
  • 熟悉CMS(尤其是WP),Google Analytics,Google Search Console,SEMRush,Majestic以及其他SEO相关的工具
  • Content marketing and content writing background - strong advantage
  • 优先考虑有内容营销和内容写作的经验
  • Previous experience in the FinTech industry - strong advantage
  • 有在金融科技行业的相关工作经验是加分
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