100 New Assets at eToro!

We have just launched 100 new instruments on our social trading platform!

The assets include Italian and Spanish stocks, and a variety of exchange traded funds (ETFs) drawn from different national markets. There are also two new indices the JPN225 and ITA40.

new stocks

The stocks represent diverse industries, including utilities, consumer goods and basic materials.  Many of the companies will already be well-known to our Spanish and Italian traders and this is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to expand their knowledge of global businesses and diversify their personal portfolio.

This is the first time that eToro has offered ETFs and it’s a big step forwards.  ETFs are exchange traded funds that usually hold a basket of assets such as stocks commodities or bonds. They are a form of marketable security that track an index. Trading close to the net asset value, ETFs function much like ordinary stocks on a stock exchange. They are as simple and convenient to trade as any other instrument on the trading platform.

Now you can invest in some of the world’s best known ETFs such as the SPDR or Spider (which tracks the S&P 500 trading as SPY), QQQ (tracking the NASDAQ), IWM (tracking the Russell 2000 Index) and DIA (tracking the Dow Jones Industrial Average). Traders who are looking for longer term, and potentially lower risk, investments can choose from almost 30 ETFs – with many more to come in 2016!

Feedback from traders has already been very positive and there’s a lot of excitement about the new trading opportunities.

Popular Investor Daniel Santiago Becerra (@DanyBecerra) is ready to trade:

“When I started with eToro 3 years ago, my first move in the market was to buy a stock, I bought Apple when it was extremely low. Now 3 years later etoro has added lots and lots of stocks options for us to trade.

Now we have a new opportunity in our hands, the Italian and Spanish stocks will arrive to us very soon; I am so excited!!!

Do you realize what this means? Some of the major firms of Europe can be in your portfolio and you can trade with them. Having Ferrari (parent company FCA) is really a dream come true! And of course this is great opportunity to seize the moment and make an early buy of these stocks!”

2015 has been a special year at eToro. We successfully launched the new social trading platform and our R&D and QA teams excelled again by adding new instruments. If everything goes according to plan there will be hundreds more new assets available for trading next year – including many from emerging markets. Social trading is truly international – we connect millions of traders from around the world – and we want tradeable assets from every economically active country!