Announcing the new and improved Popular Investor Program

With much excitement, we are happy to announce our new Popular Investor Program!

become a popular investor

This program has been organized based on a truly collaborative effort between the eToro team and you, our users, to create a program that really stands out.

We believe that this program gives greater care to the traders who prefer to copy and helps them avoid the risks of copying the “here today, gone tomorrow” investors, while proving a unique opportunity for the Popular Investors themselves to benefit from leading a community.

Requirements to join:

– A verified eToro Trading account. Login to eToro OpenBook and Complete your Profile.

– A funded real account. Practice accounts or accounts operating only with eToro credits are not eligible.

– At least 1 copier at the time of application.

– Share your real name, real photo and your trading strategy in your eToro OpenBook profile. See this example:

real picture real name

Program details:

There are 4 levels of Popular Investors, starting as a Cadet, becoming a Rising Star, then becoming a Champion until you reach the Elite level.

Each level has it’s own benefits, including a spread rebate from the previous month’s spread costs, fixed monthly payments and revenue share as an eToro partner for any new members you introduce to eToro.

PI program benefits table

  1. Fixed monthly payments are made as cash (withdrawable funds) that will be paid to the Popular Investor’s chosen method of payment, via their eToro account.

  2. Spread rebates are paid as eToro Credits.

  3. Aside from the Cadet level, each level has a monthly minimum average equity requirement – this includes the PnL of your open positions.

  4. There is no minimum monthly trading volume, although a position must have been either opened during the calendar month or have been carried over from a previous calendar month.

  5. Each month we pay Popular Investors according to the average number of verified copiers they had on a daily basis, during the previous month. A verified copier is any copier who has provided identification documents to eToro in order to confirm their identity.

  6. Our top performing Popular Investors are our Elite. At this level they are paid according to their average monthly assets under management (AUM) – this is the total amount of copiers’ funds allocated to copying them during a calendar month.

How to join?

Visit this webpage to read all the information about the Program including the terms and conditions and start the process by applying.

Frequently asked questions:

Why do I have to share my real name and picture as an entrance requirement?

It is important to potential and existing copiers to know that they are copying a real person, not a robot, Expert Advisor (EA) or any other automated system and that users who have been accepted to our Popular Investor program have undergone a verification process.

Why do users have to deposit to join the Popular Investor Program?

Feedback from our community indicates greater confidence in any trader investing with their own funds, compared to traders who have been successfully investing with eToro Credits.

So if you have copiers or you want to be copied, and you’d like to lead a community of copiers and start earning monthly payments, visit the Popular Investor page (Click here) and apply!

We will then contact you to guide you through the process.

We hope to see you join the program soon!