eToro OpenBook Updates: Stock Stats & Free Gift Card on Mobile

We’re happy to announce the following updates on eToro OpenBook:

1. Stock Stats

We’re introducing a new tab on the eToro stocks pages: Stats.
This is a first step in adding a lot more of interesting content on the stock pages, to help you make your investment decisions.


Through the stock stats tab, you can now view:

  1. Current stock price
  2. Yield for the selected period
  3. Company’s market value
  4. A periodic table (1M, 3M, 6M, 1Y) of change and price range

More information on stocks & companies will be added soon.


2. Free Gift Card on Mobile

Existing users who haven’t yet redeemed their free $20 gift card, can now do it via the eToro OpenBook mobile site.
Just login to and the free gift card offer will wait for you there.


3. Bug Fixes

As in every new eToro OpenBook version, we included fixes for the following issues raised by our users:

  • Fixed wrong display of user profiles (where data from a previously viewed profile would occasionally be shown on the newly viewed profile)
  • Improved user experience on phone verification screen (better error and field validations)
  • Fixed an issue where some users received email notifications on their own posts
  • Fixed wrong order of elements on stock pages, when the user has purchased this stock
  • Removed a false gift card offer banner that was shown in some scenarios on stock pages
  • Fixed broken links to stock pages from shared investments on Facebook
  • Fixed the false unlocking of users’ feed in some scenarios
  • Fixed recommending a wrong community region to several regions
  • Fixed user profile page layout issues on mobile site, introduced on Apple’s iOS 7 operating system


As you can see, feedback is really crucial to our development process, so this is where you come in. Share your feedback on these updates with us via the comments!