Get to know a Popular Investor: Kazimieras Tiknius

Meet Htree3: It didn’t take long for Kazimieras to join eToro after realizing that other trading platforms have significantly more fees.
Soon enough, he became one of eToro’s Popular Investors, and he plans to earn between 25%-30% in the following year.
Want to know how? Read the interview below.

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Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for a living? For fun? Family?
I work as an interior designer for commercial projects in the UK. This goes together well with being an investor, as I am always around different business and industry CEOs and their management, so I am exposed to the way in which various industries and businesses operate. Over the years, this has helped me to differentiate good companies from bad ones. For fun, I like rock climbing, which is an excellent exercise for the whole body and sharpens your mind. Also, not so exciting, but long walks in nature far from the busy London lifestyle are great for clearing your mind and staying mentally fit.

Where do you do your research on the instruments in which you invest?
General media news is a great way to identify trends, as big news usually drives trends, and has a snowball effect. Also, The Motley Fool, which covers mainly the UK, the USA, and other global companies, and which is popular among long-term investors. They also have great podcasts on Fridays on Spotify. eToro’s news feed, charts, and statistics help me to do more technical and fundamental analysis.

You’ve been with eToro for several years. Did you have previous experience with financial investments before joining eToro?
Yes, I traded and invested successfully on a different platform before coming to eToro. I left that platform due to their big fees on transactions and monthly membership costs, which led me to transition my assets to eToro.

Do you have any specific profit goals for each year? How do you achieve/plan to reach them?
I aim for 25-30% per year, which is not that difficult to achieve if you have a diversified portfolio. And have interests in different industries, as industries have different recovery times. For example, with  COVID-19, we saw that the first industry to recover was the Technology sector, which will be followed by the auto and real estate industries. The cycle will end with the retail and travel sectors being the last to recover. There is always a stock which you can buy at a bargain price at any given point if you look in more than one sector of the economy.

How has eToro changed the way you trade?
It did not change how I trade, but it made me more engaged. The eToro community is fantastic. It allows you to learn and help others to be better with their trading and investment decisions. There are also lots of jokes and fun going around, so it is a very relaxed environment. In the long run, I think it will help anyone who is part of this community to handle their finances better.

Have you made any adjustments to your strategy due to the current situation with Covid-19?
It made me add more funds to my investments when we had a massive fall in the first months of COVID-19. It was an excellent opportunity to get some of the fantastic companies’ shares at a discounted price. It also allowed me to have additional funds available at all times, as it is crucial to have spare cash in times like these so you can take the opportunity to invest more. Which goes against what we see in the news today, saying people are afraid to start investing in these uncertain times. My message would be quite the opposite of that. As I would say, it is the best time to start investing, and people need to be more positive and confident about the future!

What are the benefits of being a Popular Investor?
To pass on knowledge to my followers and copiers, which I gained from many years of trading and investment. It is human nature to pass on the experience, and it always feels good to help others.

Do you have anything to say to your copiers?
Don’t worry about swings in the market if you are trading long term. In the old days, before computers, people would check their stock price only a few times over the year. If it is a good company, it will always recover, and having stocks in different sectors is still useful to weather the storms.

Do you recommend reading any books about investment and trading?
I find it useful to read biographies of famous investors, as mindset plays a significant role in trading success. Books like that help you identify the traits you should strive to achieve to be a better investor and make better decisions.


Check out @Htree3 stats