Keep up with stock prices on the go with our new StockWatch app

Our mobile developers have been hard at work, inventing new ways for you to interact with the markets on the go.

The result? The amazing StockWatch app released today to the Google Play store!


This free Android app allow people from all over the world to see REAL-TIME quotes & insights of more than 8,000 stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. You don’t even have to have an eToro account!

To use the app, simply:

1. Add your favorite instruments to the main StockWatch interface by clicking on the plus sign and doing a search:

StockWatch main

2. Click on the instrument of your choice for a more detailed view of its price movement:

Expanded instrument view

This screen will show you the instrument’s chart, it’s buy and sell rates, and the social sentiment about the instrument based on the percentage of people in the eToro network who are buying/selling this instrument.

3. If the instrument is available for trade at eToro, you will see a “Trade” or “Buy” button at the top. Clicking on these buttons will take you to your eToro Trader app where you can invest in the instrument directly. If you don’t have the app installed, the link will take you to the Google Play store where you can download it for free.


Oh and one last thing, the StockWatch app was designed as a widget which you can place on your phone’s home screen and monitor the real time rates from there, without even having to launch the app!

StockWatch widget

So go download the app, have fun with it, and let us know what you think about it in comments!