Popular Investor Tiers: Upgrade and Payment Guide

Many of our Popular Investors (PIs) often ask about how upgrades in the program work. Therefore, we have put together a short guide that will hopefully simplify the process and help you gain a better understanding of how to move through the ranks.

Rising Through the Ranks

The Popular Investor program has four ranks (or tiers): Cadet, Champion, Elite and Elite Pro. Each rank has its own requirements and rewards. When a Popular Investor meets the criteria to advance to the next tier, he or she is automatically upgraded. 

Please note that Popular Investors must remain within the defined requirements of each tier at all times. Those who fall below the requirements will be downgraded. To be upgraded back to the previous tier, you must meet all of its criteria, including minimum time in the current tier.

Upgrades are made before the 10th of every month, around the same time that payments are made to Popular Investors. If you are a Popular Investor, rest assured that you will receive the payments and upgrades you deserve, so there is no need to request an upgrade or payment.

For all tiers, to be upgraded and paid you must:

Please note that all payments and upgrades are based on average monthly AUM and average monthly equity. This means that your daily closing AUM and equity are tallied each day of the calendar month, and then are averaged out on the last day of the month.

In addition, each tier has its own distinctive requirements (including for those who have been downgraded):


  • Average Monthly AUM of $50k+
  • Average Monthly Equity of $5k+
  • 2 months in the Cadet tier
  • Minimum of 10 Copiers


  • Average Monthly AUM of $500k+
  • Average Monthly Equity of $25k+
  • 4 months in the Champion tier
  • Elite Strategy Declaration (will be sent after the upgrade by the Popular Investor Team)
  • Investment Management Qualification

Elite Pro

Monthly payment information


  • $400 (fixed) or $800 (fixed)


  • 1.5% (annually) or 2% (annually)

Elite Pro

  • 2% (annually) or 2.5% (annually)

Payments to Popular Investors are determined according to their month-over-month average AUM growth. Those who have growth greater than 1% are paid the larger payment for their respective tier.

For example, Elite Popular Investor Lisa Williams has $650K in average AUM in September 2021 and average AUM of $700K in October 2021, meaning her month-over-month AUM growth is 7.7%. Her payment in October 2021 will be $1,167, by making the following ($700,000 x 2%)/12 months calculation.

We hope that the above clarifies the different criteria needed for each tier and their required qualifications. If you have met all of the requirements and have still not been upgraded, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service.