The Release of 2 New Versions of Our Mobile Trading Apps

Dear Traders,  today we have released not one but 2 new versions of our great mobile apps:


1. Android TradeAlerts – submitted to the play store (~24hrs until release)


2. iOS Trader – submitted to the app store (~10 days until release)


iOS Trader 1.4.5  – What’s new? 


  • Stability – handled crashes
  • Stocks – stocks are now fully supported in READ-ONLY mode like Android trader
  • iPhone 5 is now fully supported
  • UI Tweaks
 TradeAlerts 1.0.10  – What’s new?


  • Adding UnLike to alert – response to one of our reviewers
  • Client blocking open positions on weekends
  • Removed the history tab
  • UI tweaks
What’s next?


  • Android Trader 1.4.3 is starting QA tomorrow – AMAZING advanced charts version and much more.
  • Native & social registration on iOS & Android coming very soon + social sharing + SocialSignals
  • Native OpenBook – details will be sent shortly…
What do you think about these new Updates?
Share your thoughts in the comments section below!