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We believe that our customers get the most out of trading when we operate as a team. eToro’s social trading community unites you with other traders so you get the best trading experience possible. Cooperation, community and interaction are the key components of the eToro trading experience.

eToro’s OpenBook allows you to do more than just connect with traders from around the globe – it gives you the tools to utilize the collective knowledge of the community.

One of these tools is our community managers who are always just a click away. Our managers love their jobs and will not hesitate to help you. So if you have any comments or questions about social trading, the online community, promotions, eToro Credits or other similar information, remember that our managers are only a click away. If you want customized service – you will get it from our community managers!

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Up Close and Personal:

Your Community Managers at eToro

Ira Morstyn

Community Leader

My name is Ira, a business grad with experience in trading different financial instruments. I’m also a drummer, a sound engineer grad and an amateur racing driver!

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