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Our dedicated team of Customer Service representatives is here to serve you. We are available whenever the market is open to ensure that you have the best eToro trading and investing experience.
We are here for you to make sure all of your questions are answered.

We are proud of our self-service tools like our Knowledge base,
FAQ, and Online Guides which has allowed approximately 80% of our customers to quickly find the information they need by themselves.

If you would like to speak with us individually, you can open a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team is waiting with a smile to help you,
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Up Close and Personal:

Your Customer Support Team at eToro


Gil Bodov

Director, Customer Service

Hi Everybody!

My name is Gil and I'm the Director of the Customer Service department.

eToro, the world’s largest Social Investment Network, is my second home for the past 3.5 years.

My job is to provide “WOW” service and great experience and every day brings new challenges.
I hope that you will enjoy the same experience as I do and be part of the revolution.

On my free time I love riding or driving anything that has wheels and goes fast!

Happy trading!


Shani Koren

Team Leader

Hello my name is Shani I am a team leader in the Customer service department.

I am part of the etoro family for one great year.

I live in Cyprus which is amazing place.

I love walking with my dog on the beach.

Feel free to contact me!


Elena Lapis

Team Leader

Hi everyone, my name is Elena and I am a Customer Service Team Leader here at eToro. I have been part of the eToro family for almost two years. I like sports and photography and I really love animals. I speak a few languages including Russian and I take care of our Russian Community on eToro Openbook. Come visit my wall and introduce yourself.


Liat Shefer

Team Leader

Hi guys, my name is Liat and I am part of the Customer Service team.

I was born and raised in Israel, and I speak Hebrew and English.

I studied film and graphic design, and love the media.
At the beginning of 2013 eToro introduced me to the social trading world, which opened my eyes to a completely new experience.

You are all invited to contact me on my wall and enjoy this amazing innovative world of social trading!


Liza Shifrin

English Region

Hello, my name is Liza I'm 25 years old from Tel-Aviv, Israel. I work in the custumer service department at eToro and I'm studying towards a B.A. in sociology. My hobbies are listening to music, watching quality TV and cooking.

You are more them welcome to leave comments on my wall :)


Shiran B. Herzberg

English Region

Hello, my name is Shiran and I am from Israel.
I am 29 years old and married to my beautiful wife Mor.
I grew up in Israel and studied Business management and majored in Finance and Marketing.
I am working in the eToro Customer Service Department since 2011 and I love my work :)
In my free time I ride sports bikes watch movies and love to travel.

I wish all of you successful and enjoyable trading!


Omer Maimon

English Region

Hi all of you eToroians

My name is Omer Maimon, I live in a small town called Qiryat Ono, somewhere near Tel Aviv. I have an LL.B from Ono Academic College.

I joined eToro on February of 2013 and I love each day and night :)

So something about myself, I danced classic ballet for 13 years and 3.5 years in the Israeli ballet. Even though I am 26 years old I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty: my wallet, car keys and hand bag are Hello Kitty. Also my car is full with Hello Kitty dolls. I adore the color pink. Every summer I go with my family and friends to the Sea of Galilee to water ski (BTW my waterskies are Hello Kitty too).


Eran Kedar

English Region

Hey guys,
I'm Eran, I am 29 years young and live in Tel Aviv.
Joined eToro on February 2013 on a recommendation from a good friend and made some great new friends since. I am not a trading expert but I am very interested in learning this field while I am doing my B.A. in Economics.

My biggest passion in life is Baseball, I play in the Israel Baseball Association premier league and a big fan of the New York Yankees, in 80% of the time you will find me with one of my many baseball caps. As part of my sports passion I also follow the NBA (go Pacers!) the NFL (go Cowboys!).

Here's a small riddle for you guys, find out from my 3 favorite sports teams why I have the number 31 in my nickname. Feel free to find me on the app on Kabuk31 and discuss


Adi Harari

English Region

Hey there!

My name is Adi, I'm 28 years old from Israel.
I recently came back from New York which is my second home after the city of Tel Aviv.
In my spare time I love working out - Crossfit :)
I am a customer service representative at eToro and would love to advise you in any matter.


Sophia Turshen

English Region

Hello! My name is Sophie and I am one of the members of our amazing English Customer service team.
I am from the United States’ Capitol, Washington D.C. but currently living abroad, and living each day as new adventure.

I studied Anthropology and Music for my undergraduate degree, and earned an international masters in Environmental studies. Yes, I am a tree hugger.

I was introduced to eToro when I began working here, and I have fallen in love with the innovative social trading world that eToro has created.
Outside of work I love participating in sports, social gatherings, movies, and practicing my art as well as my musical instruments.

I am here to help you with any of your questions, and I invite you to my page for further assistance!


Tali Mya Gil

English Region

Hey there!

I'm originally from London and studied English Literature and Media at Sussex University. Since graduating, my adventurous nature has led me to many interesting places, including Argentina and Colombia where I lived for a combined year and a half - teaching, learning, exploring, and connecting with amazing people from all over the world. Aside from travel and languages, I am passionate about writing and singing (a self-confessed karaoke pro). I also enjoy doing yoga and kickboxing in my free time.

I recently made aliyah and I am very excited to be joining the social trading extravaganza that is Etoro and continuing my journey here in Israel as part of this incredible team!


Nathalie Rafalov

German Region

My name is Nathalie Rafalov and I am working as a German customer service employee in eToro.

I am from Austria, Vienna but I speak a lot of different languages :German, Russian, Hebrew, English and French.

In my free time I enjoy travelling.

I will try to give the best service to our eToro clients.


Sara Ingold

German Region

My name is Sara Ingold and I'm from Lucerne in Switzerland. I am working for the last 3 years as a Customer Service Representative in eToro for the German Desk.

I love to communicate with people and assist them, if they have questions. As a Customer Service Representative I am getting in touch with a lot of customers and enjoy the different personalities of them.

I am a mother of two beautiful children and I love to travel to remote countries. My hobbies include: scuba diving, swimming, reading and driving a ATV.


Ruth Limberger

German Region

Hi, my name is Ruth. I have a studied Hotel Management and I am a passionate Feldenkrais Practitioner. Loving innovation it was only a matter of time to join eToro’s community team for the German region.

Social Trading fascinates me and I enjoy the opportunity to change ideas, discuss markets and help traders in the German-speaking community.

In my free time I enjoy reading, travelling and swimming. Feel free to post on my wall, you’ll find me in the eToro App

Enjoy the wisdom of the crowds and join me at eToro!

Happy Trading!


Noemi Aziza

French Region

My name is Noemie, I come from France and I’m in this industry for over 4 years.

I’m responsible of the French customer service and I love working in this company and being part of the largest Social Investment Network.

In my free time I enjoy reading, Traveling and art.
Join me for a unique trading experience with the French community.


Ximena Sulimovich

Spanish Region

Helloo eTorians ;)

My name is Ximena and I´m part of eToro´s customer support team, I specifically deal with the spanish speaking part of this amazing community!!

I´m from a tiny beautifull country in south America (Uruguay)
I love movies and music, and I´ll do (almost) anything for a plane ticket anywhere in the world :)


Francesco Riccio

Italian Region

My name is Francesco and for most of my working experiences I have managed customer satisfaction in the role of general manager in hotels.

I studied Business and Economics in Naples, where I deepened my knowledge about the world of trading and since I came to eToro, I am more and more satisfied and happy with how the company handles it in a transparent manner and accessible to all, allowing me to continue to meet the needs of information of those who join it, especially from Italy.

I spend my free time with my family and thanks to a wonderful and smart wife at my side, all of our activities become joyful.

Photographs by Niv Binyamini Photography
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