eToro’s latest releases and updates

eToro is constantly at the forefront of Fintech innovation. Quite often, we release new features and updates to our platform, including improvements to our trading and investing infrastructure, new languages, bug fixes and more. This blog post will be updated from time to time to detail the latest improvements and newest features.



  • Registration in Vietnamese.


  • Email Verification (phased rollout) to the following countries:
    • United States
    • Argentina
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Israel
  • 2FA Fixes:
    • Users will get codes when manually verified.
    • Users will be able to use the same phone number on up to 3 accounts when done via BackOffice.


  • Xiaomi stock available for trading (CFD only)
  • FTSE 250: will be available for trading. final list of 220 stocks can found here.
  • ETF: Enhanced ownership of underlying assets with ETFs (trading, hedging, recon etc).
    • ETF Copy positions will entail ownership
    • FCA clients to have ETFs with underlying assets



  • Default feed for CopyFunds™ Investment Strategies- The default feed for CopyFunds will feature top posts and not new posts. Updated for web platform only.
  • Pin post – Users can now pin one of their posts to the top of their profile’s feed.
    This means that when someone visits their profile page, the first post they see is the post they have pinned. For example, a trader can use this feature to pin a post that explains their trading strategy or an interesting update they would like others to read.



  • Market Movers page: Get a quick overview of the markets that either profited the most or suffered the sharpest decrease over the past trading day. See the page here.



Symbol changes:

  • WYN to WYND
  • COH to TPR
  • Q to IQV
  • LUK to JEF
  • AGII to ARGO





  • Saved posts – We’ve just made it easier for you to curate your favourite posts. To save a post, simply choose “Save post” by clicking the arrow in the top right-hand corner of any post. To remove a post from your list, click ‘Unsave post.’ You can view your full list of saved posts on the new ‘Saved Posts’ feed, simply click on the News Feed drop-down menu and choose your ‘Saved Posts’.



  • Crypto positions upgraded to ownership of underlying assets.



  • Follow posts: Clients can now follow posts they find interesting, and see what other members of the eToro community have to say about them.
  • Translate bio: Once a client is logged in, they can translate a user’s bio if it is not available in their language.



  • eToro now offers HKG50 (Hang Seng 50 index).



  • eToro now supports the Malay language.



Changes to SL/TP UI for non-leveraged instruments: An improvement to the user experience for non-leveraged investing. We’ve introduced the possibility of completely removing the stop loss and take profit from non-leveraged positions for stocks, cryptocurrencies and ETFs.



Improvements to the stock and crypto investing experiences.

  • WhatsApp scrapping bug fix – An item shared on WhatsApp now has a clear preview.
  • Sharing pages with language setting bug fix – When a user shares a page, the page will appear in the language of the original user who shared it.