Market Hours & Fees

Information regarding the market hours, current spreads and overnight fees which eToro charges, is displayed below. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with relevant trading hours. Please note that a break in trading can result in a gap between closing and opening prices. Fees generated from the spread will be charged at the closing of a position. The spreads below are the minimal spreads and are not guaranteed. The spread will vary according to market conditions and liquidity. There may be instances when market conditions cause spreads to widen beyond the spreads displayed below.

Fee updates always apply to open positions. Fees are subject to change at any given time and could change on a daily basis, without prior notice, depending on market conditions. We encourage you to periodically visit this page to stay updated on current fees.

Overnight Fee (per 1 units)
Instrument Market Hours Daily Break Spread SELL BUY
0.75 % -0.471233 -0.471233
1.90 % -0.14 0
2.90 % -0.0000175 0
2.90 % -0.039452 0
2.90 % -0.00345 -0.00345
1.90 % -0.036712 -0.036712
1.90 % -0.001726 0
1.90 % -0.006575 0
1.90 % -0.012383562 0
2.45 % -0.00015 -0.00015
2.45 % -0.000022 0
2.90 % -0.003 -0.003
2.45 % -2.692 -2.692
2.90 % -2.692 -2.692
1.90 % -0.093 -0.093
2.45 % -0.093 -0.093
2.90 % -0.093 -0.093
2.45 % -0.00023 0
2.90 % -0.00345 0

Fees only apply when shorting cryptocurrencies or to users who are holding leveraged positions. Overnight Fees/Credits are subject to change. Please consult this page for the most up-to-date rates we are charging. All negative numbers refer to a fee; all positive numbers show a credit. The daily fee/credit will be multiplied threefold for positions carried over Wednesday nights. The fees/credit will be charged/credited at 17:00 New York time for any position open at this time.

Date Type Event Market hours
01/10/2018 Hong Kong Stock Exchange National day (Hong Kong) Closed
01/10/2018 HKG50 National day (Hong Kong) Closed
Date Type Event Market hours
03/10/2018 Frankfurt German Unity Day Closed
03/10/2018 GER30 German Unity Day Closed
Date Type Event Market hours
08/10/2018 Toronto Stock Exchange Thanksgiving day Closed
Date Type Event Market hours
17/10/2018 Hong Kong Stock Exchange Chung Yeung Festival Closed
17/10/2018 HKG50 Chung Yeung Festival Closed

Trading hours GMT. Please note that trading hours during the holidays are subject to change based on available liquidity. Should the underlying market close ahead of time or the liquidity be deficient, we will close trading for the affected instruments.

Other Fees
Withdrawal Fees
Withdrawal fee Fee
Minimum Withdrawal Amount $50 25$
Conversion fees (Charged upon deposit & withdrawal)*
Instrument Fee
AUD USD 100 Pips
CAD USD 250 Pips
EUR USD 250 Pips
GBP USD 50 Pips
JPY USD 250 Pips
RMB USD 50 Pips
RUB USD 50 Pips
**IDR USD 250 Pips
**MYR USD 250 Pips
**THB USD 250 Pips
**VND USD 250 Pips

*If your initial deposit is in one of the currencies above, then you will be charged as detailed above: (a) Upon deposit – for the conversion from your bank account’s currency to USD, and (b) Upon withdrawal- for the conversion from USD to the same currency.
**Fees apply to deposits only. Fees do not apply to withdrawals.

Inactivity Fee
When an account has been deemed inactive (no login for 12 months for depositing accounts, 4 months for non-depositing accounts), a monthly inactivity fee to the sum of USD $10 will be charged from any remaining available balance. The inactivity fee is only applicable if there are still funds in the available balance. No open positions will be closed to cover the fee. The fee will be discontinued the moment the account becomes active, for example, following an account owner logging in.