what type of broker is etoro

What type of financial services company is eToro?

We are the type of financial services company that has managed to use the best of the technologies available to provide our traders premium trading conditions.

Like most trading firms and many banks, eToro is using a market maker model (Read more on Wikipedia). Using the best aspects of this model, in conjunction with STP (Straight-Through Processing) technologies, and NDD (Non Dealing Desk) practices.

At eToro, you will have immediate access to executable rates from the inter-bank market, without intervention or manipulation, allowing you to trade with your $200, like you were a hedge fund!

How does this system work for YOU & how does eToro make money?

In simple terms this means that several of the largest financial institutions provide price feeds and liquidity to eToro. As a regulated broker, eToro does not manipulate prices, and simply adds a spread commission; which is how eToro makes money.

Did you know that eToro processes nearly 1 million positions in a week?

How does STP and NDD work?

Let’s keep it simple- eToro is able to offer high quality execution, due to our combination of STP and NDD execution. This means the aggregated exposure of some trades is automatically forwarded to first tier liquidity providers in REAL time, which is something usually reserved for banks and corporations. In other cases, eToro may choose to absorb some exposure in a trade. Our traders can be sure that because we have applied a NDD model, there is NO manual interference in trader’s positions, or any price manipulation. It is this technology that creates a NO CONFLICT ecosystem where eToro wishes our traders to make as much money as they can.

As a regulated company, we are audited and monitored in all aspects of our business, and maintaining our reputation is our primary focus, which is why more and more traders and investors alike agree that eToro is awesome and are choosing eToro for their investment needs.

For more information see Terms & Conditions.

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